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The reasons are simple, but complicated all at the same time, A bit about us is that we are not conspiracy theorists nor supporters, what we prefer is knowledge and to know as much as possible about everything and anything, we see things differently and we understand a lot of what goes on around us thus our webpage of many mixed things.

We want to share the knowledge, not contest it, not fight it, not judge it but instead allow everyone to see it and let them be the judge of what they watch, read and learn, we will not dictate on how to run your life but merely inform you of what you can learn from life around you, ultimately becoming the handler of your own present and future.
Our life on this earth is temporary and needs meaning by you, existence of the afterlife is yet to be experienced and life cannot exist without bad and good as it is one in the same.

Knowledge is key, open your eye to everything around you and allow yourself to grow.

"Black, Grey, White ~The Bright Transparency in Darkness"
~ Friday, April 8 ~

Who is: Zahi Hawass?

Zahi Hawass, an icon Archeologist in the world, concerned with the Egyptian civilization it’s conservation and protection.

Visit his website: Zahi Hawass

Wikipedia: Zahi Hawass

(video by heritagekeymedia)

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